a gallery of creative photography offering signed limited edition prints

a gallery of creative photography offering signed limited edition printsa gallery of creative photography offering signed limited edition prints

Celebrating the best in creative photography by our featured photographers.

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The White Gallery is an online art gallery and shop featuring beautiful and inspiring photography from a select group of creative photographers as limited edition prints. Buy exclusive wall art of an exciting range of subjects online!


THE WHITE GALLERY offers high quality prints of the work featured in our gallery.

We print using the finest quality acid free paper and the latest archival Inkjet technology to guarantee the best results.


Prints are supplied unmounted.

Each print is carefully wrapped, and dispatched in a hard wearing protective postal tube. 

All prints are delivered by registered mail

Featured Photographers

Michael White

Michael White

Michael White


My favorite photograph is the one that's in my head. 

It's the one I will shoot tomorrow.

(Photo by Stephen Perry

Iain T

Michael White

Michael White


 Great with a camera and an umbrella...

...but not both at the same time! 

 (Photo by kind permission of Mr Dave) 

Sara Rackow

Michael White

Dani Colston


 After borrowing a second- hand camera in the 1980’s I began exhibiting every  year for Wandsworth in View during the 1980’s and in different years won  either first second or third prizes.   Having won an Observer prize for  photography I studied photography for a B.TEC at Richmond College and  continued to do some freelance work as a writer and photographer along  with events photography while working as a special needs autism teacher.    After retiring from teaching I began travelling writing and taking  photographs around the world while contributing to stock agencies. More  recently I have exhibited with London Independent Photographers at  various venues.     

Dani Colston

Stephen Perry

Dani Colston


 I've had a fascination with photography since I was a  child but its only been in the last 4-5 years that its turned into my  passion and obsession. 

I truly enjoy photography in all its shapes and  forms so I try not to limit myself to a particular genre and instead try  to let the idea dictate its execution.

Stephen Perry

Stephen Perry

Stephen Perry


 Having been inspired from a young age by the likes of Helmut Newton, Henri Cartier-Bresson,
Yousuf Karsh and Albert Watson Stephen was lucky enough to assist the late, great Terence
Donovan for 3 years. He was one of the photographers who shaped the look of the 

original LoadedMagazine from the mid 90’s where his particular style of

 photography was welcomed. 

His workranges from Celebrity Portraits, Private and commercial portraiture, Cars, Interiors, Nudes and artphotography. 

His commercial website is www.stephenperry.com

Stephen also now teaches
photography to private individuals and groups.

Iain Baguley

Stephen Perry

Stephen Perry


Iain Baguley is a loud fun loving character with an absolute passion for wild life photography. 

Born in England and raised in South Africa, his love for the African bush is reflected in the many amazing images he has taken over the years.
 Having traveled through many countries in Southern Africa his images show both the bush and the desert - some of his images having been published in travel magazines in South Africa.
 Aged 53, he left the UK when he was 6 years of age and therefore considers himself a South African at heart.    

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